About Amber

I have a deep passion for capturing special moments through my camera lens. I believe that by freezing time in photographs, I can help people feel more comfortable and confident in expressing themselves. This philosophy shapes my approach to photographing both individuals and locations. I am fascinated by the unique qualities that make each person special and I always strive to find the positive aspects in everything.

Although I come from a small town in Tennessee, every now and then, I enjoy exploring the bustling city life. When I’m not busy taking pictures, editing them or indulging in my favorite detective series, you’ll often find me cherishing quality time with my family, planning exciting adventures or trying out new experiences.

My partner and I take delight in quiet moments spent at home. We enjoy playing board games together, discovering new places to visit or entertain ourselves as adults while also maintaining an active lifestyle. Recently, we celebrated the arrival of our second child and believe that being parents is both challenging and incredibly rewarding. Although we may not always have all the answers, somehow we manage just fine.

Tattooed woman leans against couch with a sexy pose.
Blonde woman leans over chair wearing only a shirt.